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Messi vs Ronaldo...The Trilogy!...Who's the best? Check this out!!!

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Billy Wingrove \u0026 Jeremy Lynch








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PeanutJAYDEN Weirdo
PeanutJAYDEN Weirdo 2 tuntia sitten
Zaheer Ulhaq
Zaheer Ulhaq 6 tuntia sitten
Ronaldo is best
Dylan Adams
Dylan Adams 6 tuntia sitten
How much are you paying the goalkeeper to let them in
Sahib T-T sahib
Sahib T-T sahib 19 tuntia sitten
Even though each player exceeds over a specific thing , in a match against the two , it depends on the skillbase and energy they play in the match , so if each player were giving 100% , then it would be a must go-to match . But if they weren’t playing at there all , they would have to resort to what their best at and which skills can overwhelm the other , this creates a 50-50 chance for each to win . In my opinion though .
Brandon Joseph
Brandon Joseph 20 tuntia sitten
I’m Jesse’s side
Pallab Podder
Pallab Podder Päivä sitten
Leart Zariqi
Leart Zariqi Päivä sitten
Abhay Goit
Abhay Goit Päivä sitten
messi ok ronaldo king
Rafael Antonio Soares
Rafael Antonio Soares Päivä sitten
Jezza : being ronaldo also Jezza : waring adidas boots
eleven james
eleven james Tunti sitten
Zalán Rezes
Zalán Rezes Päivä sitten
Muhammed Althaf
Muhammed Althaf Päivä sitten
ronaldo wins
Nate Gabell-cunningham
Nate Gabell-cunningham Päivä sitten
Is this the real people
قناة علي طه TV
Mendi Bajraj
Mendi Bajraj Päivä sitten
Messi is the best player in the world. You 1v1 with messi you are died. Mesi is 🐐
Mats Roslund
Mats Roslund Päivä sitten
Muisa Sammy
Muisa Sammy Päivä sitten
We love you Ronaldo
Muisa Sammy
Muisa Sammy Päivä sitten
Yes ronaldo
Suman Chatterjee
Suman Chatterjee Päivä sitten
Messi 😍🖤is 🐐
Z Boy
Z Boy Päivä sitten
Ronaldo gang here
no-vibin 2 päivää sitten
Christiano Ronaldo is the best and will always be
triumf shala
triumf shala 2 päivää sitten
Messi 🐏 Ronaldo💩
Charlie FC
Charlie FC 2 päivää sitten
I like when j
StickmanGamer 2 päivää sitten
1:48 rip goalkeeper
satish adhana
satish adhana 2 päivää sitten
Messi is best player of all time
Giani Boss
Giani Boss 2 päivää sitten
Ronaldo is the king
Saleem Sulikha
Saleem Sulikha 2 päivää sitten
صدیق نورقلی پور
صدیق نورقلی پور 2 päivää sitten
©️®️7 🔱🔱🔱❤❤
Jojo’s toenail
Jojo’s toenail 2 päivää sitten
Shorter one should be messi
Hamed Almarzooqi
Hamed Almarzooqi 2 päivää sitten
Pop messi
Memezus Christ
Memezus Christ 2 päivää sitten
Ronaldo is better
Ali Sameh
Ali Sameh 2 päivää sitten
LUDDE Nice 2 päivää sitten
Messi vinns
Vanessa Magallanes
Vanessa Magallanes 3 päivää sitten
Jackson Sirvinskas
Jackson Sirvinskas 3 päivää sitten
Like Ronaldo reply messi
Rami Amine
Rami Amine 3 päivää sitten
Shoaib Ahmad
Shoaib Ahmad 3 päivää sitten
CR7 is the world best football player . And he is the winner.
Rosalynd Sembler
Rosalynd Sembler 3 päivää sitten
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joseph aguilar
joseph aguilar 3 päivää sitten
I choose messi
Bjhbjlbkhhb Frdyjhhgfgh
Bjhbjlbkhhb Frdyjhhgfgh 4 päivää sitten
very good video
Kaashifa Langeveldt
Kaashifa Langeveldt 4 päivää sitten
Ronaldo 🐐
Wu Rinka
Wu Rinka 4 päivää sitten
Two Messi at 1:22
The Hunter
The Hunter 4 päivää sitten
messi win
Zain the beast
Zain the beast 5 päivää sitten
Messi won
Mikles 5 päivää sitten
Ronaldo is the best player on the world.😎😎😎
Abbas Aldulimi
Abbas Aldulimi 5 päivää sitten
Ranjan Kumar Ray
Ranjan Kumar Ray 5 päivää sitten
Actually wen ronaldo's career started he was more of a winger, but at madrid he started his golden goal run, whereas messi has always been the scoring guy so its nt ronaldo's fault that he is so much away frm it. We shud look the stats of him playing fr madrid
Daniel Melodies
Daniel Melodies 5 päivää sitten
Christino Ronaldo wins
fuhneno duqikpek
fuhneno duqikpek 5 päivää sitten
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murathan ipek
murathan ipek 5 päivää sitten
Farhaan on PS4
Farhaan on PS4 5 päivää sitten
when jet realises OH NO OH NO NO NO NO NO
Paddy Mapper
Paddy Mapper 5 päivää sitten
Do they pay the goalkeeper to be trash
KOBRA PUBG 5 päivää sitten
Give me 1 ball
Mohammed Ayub Khan
Mohammed Ayub Khan 5 päivää sitten
cr7 best
FAKE Account
FAKE Account 6 päivää sitten
Golden boots and Ballon d'or s????
Max Masters
Max Masters 6 päivää sitten
ranoldo is way better
lucas Ferreira
lucas Ferreira 6 päivää sitten
En bint are Ronaldo tho 🤭🤭🤭drinks vinks
shotiko iobashvili
shotiko iobashvili 6 päivää sitten
You are messis fan and you are ronaldos fan im neymars fan and ronaldos fan
Md. Koushik Islam Kanon
Md. Koushik Islam Kanon 6 päivää sitten
yuvan kart
yuvan kart 7 päivää sitten
My opinion on things required for a forward between messi and ronaldo Finishing-ronaldo way better Volley-ofcoarse ronaldo Dribbling-no doubt messi Free kick-maybe messi cause ron lost his touch Pen-u know this Long shot-both of them cause i dont want to get roasted by only messi fans Passing-lol messi it is Weak foot-definitely ronaldo Last but not least, pace-ronaldo all day(i checked this in fifa ratings and even in google too 😉) So we cannot say who is the best but im pretty sure that there is no problem of having two goats
Norwayforever55 7 päivää sitten
Messi won
Shinrai Fujimoto
Shinrai Fujimoto 7 päivää sitten
How peaceful is it that there's no debate man I live this side Of youtube
XIVSHANXIV Prethiushan_6
XIVSHANXIV Prethiushan_6 7 päivää sitten
While F2 banging goal s The goal keeper :- are u kidding me am I a joke
Cunit365 8 päivää sitten
3:08 Absolute bullying toward the keepers 😂
عمران الصنوي
عمران الصنوي 8 päivää sitten
Xertet Gamer
Xertet Gamer 8 päivää sitten
6/8 ronaldo
Rohan Rafiq
Rohan Rafiq 8 päivää sitten
Kauã Derick
Kauã Derick 8 päivää sitten
Marta Oi tem o Cristiano é o robô
Teena Burad
Teena Burad 9 päivää sitten
Messi my fsv
Gaming with Gruff
Gaming with Gruff 9 päivää sitten
ronaldo wearing adidas thats rare
Ty Peranzo
Ty Peranzo 9 päivää sitten
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Isaac Daniel
Isaac Daniel 9 päivää sitten
Can’t believe we’ve reached the trilogy already
Theresa Rockz
Theresa Rockz 9 päivää sitten
3:40 Jezza be like cut it! Cut it!
Khan Abdullah Khan
Khan Abdullah Khan 10 päivää sitten
sebastian 10 päivää sitten
Ronaldo King
jackseptiseyeee 10 päivää sitten
FOOTball S"UCKS! play footBALL
Sandeep Kagale
Sandeep Kagale 10 päivää sitten
Always cR7
Deehz Nuts
Deehz Nuts 10 päivää sitten
The feeble feigned interactive canonically plan because shingle analytically answer over a able caption. pleasant, tacky competitor
Nick Slack
Nick Slack 10 päivää sitten
sizzy 10 päivää sitten
I just wanna say messi is better but in this video im sure ronaldo is just the better player
Falguni Shah
Falguni Shah 10 päivää sitten
Gurcharan Ballagan
Gurcharan Ballagan 10 päivää sitten
mobile shop
mobile shop 11 päivää sitten
Samantha Raisbeck
Samantha Raisbeck 11 päivää sitten
messi the goat
Lauren Burchell
Lauren Burchell 11 päivää sitten
Your ceper sucks
Ryan Meehan
Ryan Meehan 11 päivää sitten
Music messico doughnut like that
Mustard Coal
Mustard Coal 11 päivää sitten
ronaldo wins
Jungli Manxey
Jungli Manxey 11 päivää sitten
Ronaldo wins penalty score because he is selfish and lionel even breaks his hat-trick giving penalty to hs teammates
Soban Sarwar
Soban Sarwar 12 päivää sitten
Tshwarelo Tshabalala
Tshwarelo Tshabalala 12 päivää sitten
C Ronaldo wins
Pedro Sanpaio
Pedro Sanpaio 12 päivää sitten
Mano vocês dois tem que virar profissional
dusty ozoforces
dusty ozoforces 12 päivää sitten
There were probably ALOT of retakes
Noel Monroe
Noel Monroe 12 päivää sitten
Ok that is not cr know cr unless he looks like a whole nother person
Piyal Samaradiwakara
Piyal Samaradiwakara 12 päivää sitten
How many la liga titles have messi
Omar Devletzade
Omar Devletzade 12 päivää sitten
Oneh1ghkid Pokémon and gaming
Oneh1ghkid Pokémon and gaming 12 päivää sitten
Still Ronaldo won
Deepdev Zone
Deepdev Zone 13 päivää sitten
Deepdev Zone
Deepdev Zone 13 päivää sitten
I love cristian ronaldo